Why Drawtex

Why Drawtex

why choose drawtex?

Beier Drawtex Healthcare is a South African medical device company with a global footprint, combining 90 years of manufacturing expertise with an ambition to change the face of advanced wound care through unique technologies and clinical excellence.

At Drawtex, we are passionate about, and dedicated to, the principle of evidence-based medicine. We strive to offer clinical proof of the efficacy of the Drawtex product range, enhancing the quality of the life of every patient we treat.

To support this goal, Drawtex:

Beier Drawtex Healthcare is registered with SAHPRA. All our products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility under ISO 13485:2016. Our products are made in accordance with the highest European (CE) Standards as well as the United States’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Our mission

To globally enhance the quality of life for wound care patients by developing, producing and delivering unique products that are innovative, safe and costeffective through a strategic network of distribution partners. 

Our vision

To change the face of advanced wound care through unique technologies and clinical excellence. 

Our values

Beier Drawtex Healthcare strives to be responsible corporate citizens by: 

  1. Acting in an ethical and socially responsible manner
  2. Being an honest and trustworthy business partner 
  3. Creating a sustainable business that accepts its responsibility to the environment 
  4. Providing a fair return to our shareholders           

Our flagship technology, Drawtex®, is the first hydroconductive wound dressing that features exclusive LevaFiber™ technology, aiding effective wound bed preparation without damaging newly formed tissue. 1-4