Beier Group Story

Beier Group Story

The Beier Group's Impact

Drawtex is a part of the Beier Group, a forward-looking innovator and manufacturer in the technical textiles and personal protective equipment industries. The Group’s manufacturing mix includes environmental filtration products, technical and industrial textiles, medical devices and advanced wound care, PVC- and PU-coated materials, as well as personal protective equipment and occupational health and safety services. 

Beier believes that industrialisation is the best path to a transformed South Africa, championing local transformation through its various brands. As such, the Group is committed to supporting local SMMEs, driving industrialisation as a vehicle to stimulate economic growth, job creation and shared prosperity. This can be seen in Beier’s dedication to local manufacturing, as well as their investment in new infrastructure and technological upgrades. Beier also focuses on uplifting local youth through education and skills development programmes, investing in the pioneers and innovators of the future. 

Through these initiatives, the Group is playing its part in advancing our nation’s economic growth and development.