Clinical Case Studies

Clinical Case Studies


At Drawtex, we are passionate about and dedicated to the principle of evidence-based medicine.  

For proof of Drawtex®’s high performance, please click on the document name to download the case studies below. 

Biofilm removal / suppression

Assessing the effects of Drawtex® dressings on wound biofilms

Poster (Wolcott) | Wounds 2012 1 (Wolcott) | Wounds 2012 2 (Wolcott)

Buruli ulcer

The global impact of Buruli ulcers and their treatment with hydroconductive dressings

Poster | Wounds 2012 (Treadwell et al) 

Complex surgical wounds

Looking at how Drawtex ® improves healing in complex surgical wounds 

Drawtex® use in complex wounds | Complex lower limb wounds | Case series – Doncaster UK (Johnson S)

Cost-effectiveness of Drawtex®

Assessing the economic benefits of choosing Drawtex® as a cost-effective and high-performance wound dressing solution.

Poster | Today’s wound clinic 2014 (Philbin)

Debridement ability

The ability of Drawtex® to effectively and selectively debride wounds 

Debridement of the necrotic heel | Poster (Livingstone) | Poster (Denham) 

Delayed wound healing due to immunosuppression therapy

Evaluating the impact of Drawtex® wound dressings on wounds experiencing delayed healing due to immunosuppression therapy

Ostomy wound management 2013 (Denham D)

Detoxification of venous leg ulcers

A series of studies assessing Drawtex®’s ability to detoxify venous leg ulcers 

Management of chronic VLUs | Wounds 2012 (Wendelken M) | Poster (Phillip Lichtenstein) 

Drawtex® use with venous leg ulcers

Looking at Drawtex®’s ability to improve healing in VLUs

Poster (Lichtenstein) | Poster 2011 (Alvarez)| Poster(Goosen)

Enterocutaneous fistulas

How enterocutaneous fistulas can be treated with Drawtex® hydroconductive dressings 

Poster | Ostomy wound management 2014 (Denham D)

Fluid management

Observing Drawtex®’s ability to effectively manage fluid 

Wound 2013 (Wolvos et al)

Maxillofacial surgery

Degloving facial injury treated with Drawtex® hydroconductive dressing 

Annals of maxillofacial surgery (Perumal et al) 

Mechanism of action of hydroconductive wound dressings

Multiple uses in clinical practice

Outlining the various uses and effectivity of Drawtex® hydroconductive dressings 

 Clinical poster (Weir D)

Wound bed preparation for pressure ulcers and VLUs

Objective quantitative analysis of Drawtex® in wound bed preparation for pressure ulcers and venous leg ulcers 

Ostomy wound management 2012 (Goosen et al)

Possible alternative to negative pressure wound therapy

Providing a case for Drawtex® hydroconductive dressings as an alternative to negative pressure wound therapy 

Ostomy wound management 2012 (Goosen et al)

Reducing the barriers to wound healing

How Drawtex® can reduce the barriers to wound healing by offering an effective, convenient and versatile solution 

Article for BMJ (Bullough L) | Case study – Doncaster UK (Johnson S)  

Reduction in wound size

Analysing Drawtex®’s ability to rapidly reduce the size of wounds 

10 patient case series – Doncaster UK (Johnson S)  

Removal of pathogenicity and virulence factors

How Drawtex® can be combined with silver antimicrobial barrier systems for a unique and effective treatment for heavily contaminated and infected wounds 

Combination of Drawtex® and silver poster (Hiebert J) | Surgical science 2013 (Moffatt et al)

Surgical wounds

Assessing the use of Drawtex® in various surgical wounds and applications 

Drawtex® use in amputations (Couch K) | Pilonidal disease 2012 (Maddox et al) | Dehisced surgical wounds 2013 (Couch K) 

Traumatic avulsive wounds

Looking at the use of Drawex® dressings to treat traumatic avulsive wounds of the face 

Poster (Perumal) | Traumatic face avulsion (Colin Perumal / Robson)  

Treatment and prevention of skin excoriation in children

The use of Drawtex® dressings in preventing and treating skin excoriation in children 

Poster (Amling J) 

Use with tracheostomy

Assessing the use of Drawtex® Tracheostomy Dressing and its efficacy in managing exudate  

Ostomy wound management 2013 (Wachtel T) 

Wound bed preparation

Studies and articles examining the use of Drawtex® in general wound bed preparation 

Optimising wound bed preparation | Wounds 2012 (Wolvos T) | Ostomy wound management 2012 (Robson M) | Ostomy wound management 2012 (Spruce P)