Clinical Data

We at Drawtex are passionate about, and dedicated to the principle of Evidence Based Medicine. We strive to offer clinical proof of the efficacy of the Drawtex product range and enhancing the quality of lives of the patients that we treat.

  • Strong global clinical research and development programme
  • Ongoing clinical trials and evaluations
  • 50+ clinical publications/posters published worldwide
  • All claims backed up by clinical evidence

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Cost Effectiveness of Drawtex

Today’s Wound clinic 2014 – Philbin

Delayed Wound Healing due to Immunosuppression Therapy

Ostomy Wound Management 2013 – Denham D

Fluid Management

Wounds 2013 – Wolvos et al

Multiple Uses in Clinical Practice

Clinical Poster – Weir D

Objective Quantitative Analysis of Wound Bed Preparation for Pressure Ulcers and VLU’s

Ostomy Wound Management 2012 – Goosen et al

Possible Alternative to Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Ostomy Wound Management 2012 – Goosen et al

Treatment and Prevention of Skin Excoriation in children

Poster – Amling J

Beier's flagship technology, Drawtex, is the first hydroconductive wound dressing that features exclusive LevaFiber Technology, aiding effective wound bed preparation without damaging newly formed tissue.1-4